Leader instructions for setting up and playing Who’s Driving?

Prepare and have on hand the needed game materials for playing Who’s Driving?

Go over the following before starting to play:

  1. Review How to play Who’s Driving?
  2. Hand out sample lists that both interviewers and Libertarian interviewees can use while playing a round:
    – The Interviewer can use the list of Sample Interview Questions to ask questions.
    – The Libertarian interviewee can use the list of Sample Segues to redirect the conversation from Big Government to small government; the list of Sample Libertarian Solutions if they need ideas to talk about; and the list of Sample Benefits of Libertarian Solutions to make the case for the solution and to keep the conversation focused on shrinking government.
  3. In order to make participants feel free to experiment and make mistakes without repercussions — especially if they may be candidates some day — insist that everyone in attendance refrain from using recording devices without the express permission of the participants.
  4. IMPORTANT: Keep the game on purpose! Review and discuss When to raise the Big Government cards versus when to raise the Liberty cards.
  5. Let participants know that you will be coaching audience members throughout the game to ensure that the Liberty cards go up only when the interviewee is advancing a specific Libertarian solution.
  6. Play a few practice rounds and/or perform some demos before the rounds begin.
  7. Pick someone to be the timer who will announce when to start and finish each round. Rounds can be two or three minutes each.

Before each round, ask the Libertarian interviewee if he’s playing a candidate for office, and if so which office and level of government. Then ask: What specific Libertarian solution will you be talking about? The interview’s job is then to keep the conversation focused on that solution and its benefits at every possible moment.

After each round, discuss what happened with participants and score the interviewee.

Encourage each participant to be the interviewee at least once – but don’t browbeat anyone who doesn’t want to play. Be especially encouraging of anyone who is or plans to be a candidate or spokesperson.

In closing:

  1. Let participants know that while a minority of players get the hang of the game right away, many will need to play the Libertarian interviewee five times or more before they see marked improvement. Encourage them to attend more sessions and play more rounds of Who’s Driving? – until they get the hang of it.
  2. Review the list of skills that Who’s Driving? will help them develop and perfect.