Sample Interview Questions

Predictable and appropriate questions

  • Why are you running for office?
  • Why don’t you run as a Republican? Democrat?
  • What will happen if your proposal is enacted?
  • How would it work?
  • Why is this your primary issue?
  • Where are you campaigning?
  • What groups are you speaking to?
  • How much money will your campaign raise?
  • How much have you raised?
  • Will you be doing any advertising?
  • Has your campaign done any polling?
  • Where do you expect to get support?
  • Who will vote for you?
  • Are any groups actively supporting you?
  • Has anyone endorsed you? Do you expect more/any endorsements?
  • Have you run for office before?
  • How will you get anything passed if you’re the only Libertarian?
  • Are Ron Paul supporters supporting you?

Introductory distractions

  • Why are you a Libertarian?
  • How did you become a Libertarian?
  • What do Libertarians believe about (fill in the blank with something unrelated to proposed Libertarian Solution)?
  • What do you do for a living?
  • What’s your view on (fill in the blank with an issue the media or your opponent is talking about)?
  • What do you think about (Ron Paul, Rand Paul, some other politician)? Do you support him?
  • Where did you go to college?

Credibility challenges and distractions

  • No Libertarian has ever received more than 2% of the vote for this office. Is that what you expect you’ll get?
  • Since you’re not going to win, isn’t voting for you a wasted a vote?
  • Isn’t there a danger that your running will spoil the election for the [Republican/Democrat]?
  • If you had to vote for the D or R, which one would you vote for?
  • Do you think you have any chance of winning?
  • Why is your opponent endorsed by every newspaper in the state – while none have endorsed you?
  • Why are you running if you have no chance of winning?
  • Do you have any experience in government?
  • Do you think voters are ready for a Libertarian? Are you too radical for most people?
  • Doesn’t your proposal go too far?
  • Your opponents say this will (allegation of damage). How do you respond?
  • How will you get Democrats and Republicans to go along with your agenda? How will you build bi-partisan support and get this passed?
  • Isn’t it better for the district to keep our influential incumbent than to elect a junior (senator/rep/delegate) who will have far less influence?

Big Government assertions

  • The government is already looking at a budget shortfall. Wouldn’t your proposal to cut taxes / spending just make things worse? How would we plug the gap?
  • What can we do about unfunded government pension liabilities- the dark cloud hanging over our heads?
  • This would reduce the state’s bond rating to junk bond status. Wouldn’t that be a disaster? Wouldn’t it raise our interest rates forcing taxpayers to pay more?
  • There’s very little discretionary spending in the budget.
  • This would force us to cut emergency services like police and fire – or to close schools.
  • We need more funds to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, make our roads safe and stimulate the economy.
  • Every person or group that spends money – including private businesses and households – waste money, not just government. This is normal and unavoidable.

Ridiculous and completely unrelated distractions

  • How ‘bout them Ravens?
  • Was your neighborhood damaged by the storm last week?
  • What’s your view on Ron Paul’s tweet about veteran Kyle who was killed by a sniper? Did he go over the line?

Note: Many more examples can be gleaned by watching or reading just about any news coverage of government in any form of media – TV, radio, print, and the Internet.