Scoring “Who’s Driving?”

Note: scoring is optional.

Instructions for Leaders of Who’s Driving?

After each round, ask the Libertarian interviewee what percentage of the time he or she thinks the gold Liberty cards were raised by audience members, indicating what percentage of the time liberty was “driving.” Then ask the audience the same question.

Arrive at a consensus as to the percentage of time the Liberty cards were up. This is the Libertarian’s base score.

Then add bonus points for talking up benefits of Libertarian solutions.

Bonus points for benefits are awarded according to how memorable they are to audience members.

Ask the audience, “Did the Libertarian spell out how a typical voter’s life – or those of the people he cares about – would be better as a result of implementing the Libertarian solution? What were those benefits? How compelling were they? How memorable were they?”

If the audience was able to easily remember and reacted positively to the benefits, award the interviewee up to 20 benefit points. If none were mentioned, they get 0 benefit points.

The maximum score possible is 120: 100 points if the Libertarian keeps the conversation on Libertarian solutions to shrink government 100% time (Liberty cards up for the entire duration of the round) plus 20 benefit points.

The winner is the person who scores the highest total points between 0 and 120 (double if you play two rounds).

Use this convenient score card to keep track of scores.