Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure

A Divisional Structure

The Divisional structure provides a way for sustainable and effective volunteer placement and engagement. Divisions have the freedom to make the necessary decisions to carry out their mission while having role clarity within the party as a whole. When tied with vision and motivated leadership, this structure will help your party run more effectively. You can download the template for all divisions and role descriptions below.

This model was first adopted by the LPO as presented by Kevin Knedler on the right. Please watch.

You can view the divisions roles and responsibilities below.


The Libertarian Party of [state] operates through the Divisions listed below. Please visit each Division page for more information about each Division, view the leadership roles and see how you can get involved!


The Political Division is responsible for recruiting and training Libertarian candidates for public office. This includes working with volunteers and maintaining a list of all elected and appointed offices. The Political Division provides support to candidates such as assistance with filing the proper paperwork and assisting campaign strategy. The Political Division will support the Libertarian Party Presidential nominees.

Visit the Political Division page for more information.


The Communications Division is responsible for communicating the policies, positions, and opinions of the Libertarian Party to the public at large. This responsibility includes maintaining the content of our web site at, establishing and maintaining our social media presence, managing relationships with all media and press and communicating with the party members.

Visit the Communications Division page for more information.


The Informational Technology (IT) division is responsible for implementing all aspects of technology within the Libertarian Party.

Visit the IT Division page for more information.


The Outreach Division is responsible for grassroots-level contact between the Libertarian Party and the public at large. These responsibilities include maintaining useful contacts and coordination with student organizations, recruiting key demographics into the party, building coalitions with like-minded groups, and coordinating outreach events.

Visit the Outreach Division page for more information.

Field Development

The Field Development Division is responsible for establishing, developing, and maintaining Congressional District-level affiliates(CD), which shall mirror and augment existing Libertarian Party of Divisions at the CD level. This includes training CD’s on best practices, and providing necessary logistical support. Additionally, they will assist in training and supporting CD affiliates on successful event planning techniques and strategies.

Visit the Field Development Division page for more information.


The Events Division primary function is event planning and production for all Libertarian Party events including the State Convention. The Events Director will also work with other event organizers to negotiate sponsorship and joint events. Additionally, they will provide leadership, training, and mentoring to local parties.

Visit the Events Division page for more information.

Public Policy

The Public Policy Influence & Advocacy (PPIA) Division is responsible for developing and maintaining interactions between the Libertarian Party and elected government officials, as well as tracking the results of interactions to help shape candidacy strategy. The PPIA Division is also responsible for ensuring that the Libertarian Party input is provided for key legislation and initiatives when and where possible.

Visit the Public Policy Division page for more information.