Help With Graphic Design

Help With Graphic Design

We are looking for graphic designers of every skill level, with the baseline expectation of a familiarity with standard tools like Adobe Creative Suite, Inkscape or GIMP, and a commitment to producing original, LP branded and platform compliant material that moves the Libertarian Party toward the goal of a world set free in our lifetimes.

You don’t need to be a Picasso you just need an instinct for pleasant visuals and an open-mind to feedback. We have an all volunteer group working with mild LNC oversight. The group is mostly self-governed which means there is a lot of room for you to explore the boundaries of your creativity at a pace that fits around your schedule. Volunteers need to be motivated, self-disciplined and comfortable with the spirit of decentralized grassroots spaces.

2 Ways to Volunteer

  1. We have a forum to design materials primarily for social media. If you are interested, please send an original sample graphic to our attention through the LP FB page.
  2. State parties are always in need of graphic designers, please contact them with your interest as well.

Here are some recent original works to give you an idea for your sample