Become a candidate and run for office

Become a candidate and run for office

Robert Sarvis, 2013 Gubernatorial candidate in Virginia

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Thank you for your interest in running for office as a Libertarian. Every election cycle, the Libertarian Party fields hundreds of candidates who appear on ballots across America. They give liberty a voice and voters a choice.

Here’s some basic information to help get you started:

Step 1: Think about how much time you’re prepared to put into a campaign.  Click on the graphic to your right.
Step 2: Peruse the pages here to learn more about being a Libertarian candidate.
Step 3: Fill out this form and we will forward the information you provide to your state party affiliate.
Step 4: Visit your state party website and contact your state or local affiliate party by email or phone to discuss your campaign.

If you have questions, email Candidate Support Specialist Bob Johnston at