Job #1: Getting on the ballot

Getting on the ballot is job #1 for candidates.

The requirements to get a candidate’s name on the ballot vary dramatically from state to state. At a minimum, you will need to file your candidacy with election officials. Some states require candidates to submit financial disclosure statements. Some require a filing fee, and some require you to collect voter signatures. The number of signatures required varies dramatically – from trivial to prohibitively high.

Contact your state affiliate for details on what you need to do to get on the ballot for the office you seek.

If you are unable to reach you state party officials, contact Bob Johnston, Candidate Support Specialist for the Libertarian National Committee. Email him at

If you’re not on the ballot, your campaign is dead in the water. Some say that a write-in campaign has benefits, but rarely do they amount to much.

If your campaign needs to raise funds to get on the ballot, ensure that your entire campaign team is committed to refraining from spending money on any expense other than what gets you on the ballot. There is no sadder story – or more embarrassing – than one of a candidate who put up a fancy campaign website or produced a slick campaign video, then failed to turn in enough signatures to be on the ballot. Campaign over.

Don’t let this happen to you!

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