Campaign Roles

Campaign Roles

Serious Libertarian campaigns should aim to enroll volunteers, or in some cases, pay staff members, to fill key campaign team roles.

Campaign Manager

  • Oversees all campaign operations and strategy
  • Tries to also handle the candidate, if candidate is, hopefully, willing to be coached.

Campaign Treasurer

  • Responsible for all campaign finances: keeping the books, recording campaign contributions and expenses, and filing all legally-required campaign finance reports accurately and on time

Communications Coordinator

  • Manage list of contacts with “traditional” media (newspaper, radio, television) and key bloggers
  • Write and/or send press releases to media contacts
  • Respond to inquiries from media outlets
  • Ensure campaign message is consistent across all channels (including new/social media)
  • Coordinate with District Coordinators to establish contacts with local media
  • Oversee development of traditional media advertising content
  • Purchase traditional media advertisements

New Media Coordinator

  • Maintain the operations of new media channels of the website, Facebook, YouTube, etc.
  • Ensure message across new media channels is consistent
  • Work with the Communications Coordinator to keep content compatible across all channels
  • Post content on website regarding upcoming events, interesting news articles, etc. and ensure cross-posting to Facebook and other relevant channels
  • Manage content on the YouTube channel
  • Recruit Facebook fans and seek other new/social media outlets to connect to voters

Event Coordinator

  • Manage the campaign event calendar
  • Aggregate event opportunities from District Coordinators
  • Coordinate event opportunities with the candidate and Campaign Manager to develop calendar of events
  • Represent the campaign as the point of contact for events
  • Seek event opportunities and liaise with Fund Raising Coordinator to maximize value of the event calendar
  • Serve as the single point of contact regarding event details to ensure campaign is informed and all events are successful
  • Ensure transportation is secured for candidate to all events

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Manage the database of all active and potential volunteers for the campaign
  • Develop materials for the campaign and volunteers to use at events and other outreach opportunities
  • Work with vendors to develop campaign materials and merchandise
  • Create walk lists and phone lists for volunteers participating in canvassing , phone drives, and GOTV
  • Train volunteers and/or train District Coordinators to
  • Communicate with District Coordinators on managing volunteer lists and activities
  • Generally serve as assistant to the Campaign Manager
  • Fund Raising Coordinator

Fund Raising Coordinator

  • Identify fund raising opportunities with the Event Coordinator
  • Work with the candidate and key donors to develop events to expand donors and fund raising
  • Monitor social media strategy and find ways to market the campaign for generating cash
  • Manage and create phone lists for fund raising drives
  • Develop and implement the direct marketing strategy to create volunteers and potential donors
  • Work with District Coordinators to manage list of events and donors which can add to the campaign funds

District Coordinators

  • Train volunteers
  • Assist the central team (Communications, New Media, Event, Volunteer, and Fund Raising Coordinators) with all relevant issues within the District
  • Work with the Campaign Manager to ensure campaign strategy is designed for the District
  • Seek volunteers within the District who can serve in similar roles to the central team
  • Place special focus on finding events, volunteers and fund raising opportunities in the District
  • Ideally, there will be one District Coordinator for each U.S. Congressional District (for statewide elections)

Advisory Council

  • The Advisory Council consists of seasoned LP veterans who guide campaign on strategy and direction