Supplies for Tabling Intentionally

Supplies for Tabling Intentionally


Sometimes the table is provided by the venue, other times you need to bring your own. Make sure you know the venue’s rules and what they provide.

Sign-up Sheets

Sign-up Sheets will help you collect visitor contact information and build your organization’s contact list. Collecting and compiling this data should be one of your top priorities.


If your organization has a good-looking banner with its name, logo, and website on it, use it. If not, acquire one.


Sometimes these are provided by the venue, sometimes they are not. You want to be prepared so that if you are in a situation where a tablecloth is not provided and the table is ratty looking you can adapt and improve the situation. You can buy a plastic tablecloth at a party store for less than $5. It is wise to have an extra one on hand.


Have plenty of pens for both your team and visitors to use to fill out forms, checks, or to take notes.

Business Cards

Have business cards of top party officers and key volunteers or other relevant folks available. Do not display these on your table but keep them in a file box below the table. Give them to select visitors when appropriate.

Collaborating Materials

Relevant books, fliers, articles.

Has your county chair or candidate had a opinion piece published in the local paper? Consider printing copies of such pieces. Any good news coverage of your group or relevant groups in the last several weeks is fair game and will help lend your
organization credibility with visitors.


Display brochures or other public awareness materials for your organization or relevant organizations or candidates. If your county/state organization doesn’t have brochures and you don’t have time to make one, consider using one from the national party. You can order these online.

Info on Upcoming Events

Distribute fliers or small announcement cards regarding upcoming and relevant events.

Eye Catcher / Ice Breaker

If you use the Nolan quiz, be prepared to explain it and help visitors to take the quiz. It is often easier to attract visitors with issues that interest them rather than the words ‘Libertarian Party.’ Consider highlighting carefully chosen issues in your signage.


Take pictures of your table and team interacting with visitors.

Giveaways / Drawings

Giveaways and drawings can be effective tools for encouraging visitors to give you their contact info. Carefully consider how you will do it. Do you want to give one item or multiple items? What should the items be? Some Libertarians will immediately think that silver would we a good choice. Perhaps so. But who will be attracted by silver? Will they be folks who are interested in your cause and whose contact info will be valuable for you? Or would your organization be better served by giving away Libertarian books? Focus on your goals and priorities for this table.

Items to Giveaway or Sell

Do you want to give away or sell shirts, bumperstickers, buttons, books, or other items? Make sure you know and follow appropriate laws. Also, don’t cover your table with too many products unless that is the primary purpose of your table.


Consider handing out temporary, cheap stickers …NOT bumperstickers. Bumperstickers are expensive and most folks who pick one up at a table will not put it on their car. Same with buttons. It is wise, however, to have both tucked away in your file box so that if someone requests one you can give it to them.

Cash Box

Even if you are not selling anything or planning to collect money, it is wise to be prepared with a cash box, with a lock, and coins and small bills to make change. Make sure your lead team member has a key and that you have a spare key stashed someplace safe (perhaps at home). Also, it would be wise to have donation forms ready to record donors’ information as required by law.