Information Technology

Website and CRM Platforms

Websites are your storefront, so it's essential that you make your best impression. Politics is also data-driven, so you need to ensure you have proper data management, making a CRM an essential tool for affiliates wanting to take it to the next level.

Currently we offer websites under 2 configurations:
1) Wordress + CiviCRM
2) NationBuilder

To discuss what option is best for your affiliate, please contact us.

Hosting Providers for Wordpress

Entry level: Namecheap Top-tier: WPengine

Email Service

For an email service, any large email provider will work and both of these are comparable in pricing and features. MailChimp or Constant Contact.

Candidate Websites

We would direct candidates to use one of these options:

1) Wix
Tip: Great for the basic category candidate. Easy to start up and contains political template.
2) NationBuilder
Tip: Great if you want to get serious about having a database and plan to conduct voter ID operations/GOTV. You can buy lists.
3) Wordpress
Tip: Make sure to purchase a theme for a professional look. Some basic knowledge of web design or having a web volunteer is necessary for this route to fully work.