Some Libertarian candidates, especially those running for lower-level offices, can run very effective campaigns with minimal, or even no, fundraising. But in most cases, fundraising is a good idea, if not essential.

Funds may be needed to get on the ballot. Ballot access law in your district may require a large filing fee, or may require you to collect a large number of petition signatures.

Most elections, especially for state legislature or higher as well as certain lower-level offices, cannot be won without raising a lot of money. This is because most voters won’t even know you exist, or remember your name come Election Day, unless they see your yard signs, direct mail, bumper stickers, and/or advertising – repeatedly.

Regardless of your goals and the level of office you seek, it’s good to raise at least some funds for your campaign to pay for basics, like a website. It also makes you a better candidate, and makes the people you solicit more committed to your success. Which means they’re more likely to volunteer, spread the word about your campaign, or donate in the future.

The program described in the Raising Money Quickly: Raising Your First $2,500 in Seven Days will work for you, as it has for hundreds of other candidates, if you follow it carefully. Use it to raise your first $2,500,  $5,000, or $10,000.

To raise higher amounts and to learn some fundamentals of fundraising, read Fundraising 101.

Click here to see a sample fundraising letter for candidates along with templates for envelopes and reply cards that you can adapt your campaign.

February 13, 2017

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