The LPHQ staff is limited but tries to provide as much help for affiliates as resources allow. The services below are our baseline support. Additional support beyond this will be considered as time and resources permit.

Ballot Access

  • Secure ballot access in support of Presidential/Vice-Presidential nominees where state affiliates are not able to on their own.
  • Ensure electors are selected and properly filed for Presidential election


  • Maintain as a resource center for training and marketing materials
  • Human resource assistance in finding qualified state staff
  • We will train on best practices for any facet your party needs assistance.

Candidate Recruitment

  • Help create a candidate recruitment plan in line with your state’s goals
  • Assistance calling and screening prospective candidates

Graphic Design

  • Populate template materials upon request. We will do the basic branding modifications that fit within the template.

Marketing Materials

  • Templates for print items such as business cards, signage, literature, donation forms, etc.
  • Templates for web graphics and email marketing

Campaign Finance

  • Provide consultation to affiliates that request help with filing and reporting requirements
  • Provide general information about IRS and FEC filing requirements

Information Technology

  • Provide website and CRM infrastructure and support
  • Wiki: Dedicated state wiki to house processes, procedures and documents. (included with state site)
  • Provide monthly data dumps with membership records
  • Email live time candidate, volunteer, and information request inquiries from
  • Maintain an email service to include IMAP service for users with titles and/or positions in party leadership, and mailing lists for committees. Affiliates are responsible for administering their own users and lists, and managing reasonable storage quotas.


  • Publish affiliate news on the blog.
  • Occasionally send emails on behalf of state parties to contacts in their states in support of urgent, targeted efforts (e.g. help with a pending lawsuit, ballot access challenge)
  • Promote key affiliate news of interest to national members through LP media channels
  • Share high-quality Facebook posts of states through our Facebook page
  • Publish affiliate news in LP News for each state affiliate that submits material appropriately


  • Affiliate discount on for apparel category
  • Provide vendor recommendations/partners