LPAction.org is the official resource website for candidates, affiliates and volunteers of the Libertarian Party for tools, marketing materials and support so they can more effectively promote libertarian policies.



A special thanks to the various contributors making this site possible! Strategies and tips are outgrowths of finding what has most commonly worked. Contributions are from LNC staff and  past and present leaders from all over the country who care enough about liberty. As Libertarians, we celebrate affiliates and candidates experimenting to find the best methods to grow the Libertarian Party. We understand preferred strategies vary.

LPAction.org is structured in a modular format, with digestible topics made as posts. We organize modules within a certain category. Marketing assets like graphics and PDF files are put into a google drive and embedded into their respective pages.

If you would like to contribute or suggest an topic to be added to lpaction.org, please email us at affiliates@lp.org. This then will be reviewed and if approved as a concept, will go through an editing process and published as time and resources permit. It is our goal to give as many tools as we can to affiliates and candidates to succeed.