Promote libertarian policies more effectively by providing tools and support to increase the marketing footprint and organizational capabilities of state party affiliates and candidates.


Who is LP Action?

LP Action is the official resource center for the Libertarian Party. LPAction.org is managed by National LP Affiliate Development Specialist, Andy Burns. Contributions are from LNC staff and  past and present leaders from all over the country who care enough about liberty.



A special thanks to the various contributors making this site possible! Strategies and tips are outgrowths of finding what has most commonly worked. As Libertarians, we celebrate affiliates and candidates experimenting to find the best methods to grow the Libertarian Party. The content within LPAction.org does not prescribe “one-way” to do things nor is it meant to be all-encompassing. We understand preferred strategies vary.

Updates will continue to be made. This is an early release in order to get vital information out to our affiliates and candidates for Election 2016.


How It Works

Some marketing assets do not need customization and can be downloaded and put into action. Others that need customization for your affiliate are in vector file format in the Google Drive at the bottom of a given page. If you are a state party and do not have a graphic designer, please contact us to request branded file(s) to be customized.

Note: We will do the basic branding modifications. This includes inserting your logo, affiliate name, and some text changes. More fundamental changes cannot be guaranteed.

For vendors, we have provided some recommendations within an assets page.


Affiliate Development Specialist


Andy Burns is the Affiliate Development Specialist for the National Libertarian Party. Previously, he served as executive director of the Libertarian Party of Minnesota. Mr. Burns earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Minnesota Duluth, where he majored in Organizational Management and minored in Economics.

As executive director for the LP Minnesota, Mr. Burns dramatically raised annual revenues from $5,000 before he was hired to over $50,000. Mr.Burns managed LP Minnesota’s 2014 statewide petitioning effort which collected 13,000 signatures for 5 statewide candidates in just 14 days. This is the only time any minor party has accomplished this since 1998. During Mr. Burns leadership, LP Minnesota also increased their non-partisan elected officials from zero to five, revamped their outreach program and established branding standards for the organization.