7 Point Checklist for Success

7 Point Checklist for Success

Leaders of the state party cannot know what’s happening in each city or county. Local affiliates are a center-of-gravity in an area to grow grassroots support by referencing this 7-point checklist:

  1. Recruits and nominates local candidates

Find people willing to run as Libertarian candidates, or ask someone from your group to run.  Running candidates is the fundamental role of a political party. It’s also one of the best ways to generate publicity and to educate the public on libertarian principles.

  1. Organizes volunteer efforts in support of Libertarian candidates

Once the candidate is nominated, they will need the support of Libertarians in the area. Help mobilize volunteers and members in the area with lit drops, door-knocking, calls, sign-waving and all the tasks needed to run a campaign.

  1. Conducts outreach at public events

County fairs, gun shows, and gay prides are excellent venues.  There may be others as well, such as coin shows, art shows, music concerts, and parades.

  1. Hosts local meetups & social events

Host regular, publicized, productive, & interesting public meetings. Has regular meetings of party leadership to plan strategy & projects.

Social events are perfect for newcomers to meet other Libertarians in a relaxed setting.  A restaurant, pub, or coffee shop works well.  They’re also essential for your activists to get to know each other and build rapport.

  1. Has an organized media outreach plan

Build your list and let them know you are active; it will give them a local “go-to” resource if they want a “libertarian perspective” on your area’s happenings.  You may want to visit their office and meet with them personally to introduce yourself first. Use press releases, press conferences, and personal contacts to promote the party and earn publicity.

  1. Maintains list of members and prospects

Maintain an accurate, up-to-date database of members and prospects.

  1. Leadership is dedicated to growth, success, & professionalism

Avoid factionalism, arguments, and obstructionism. Party leadership has a solid, realistic vision for success.